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what's better my moveset is meant to stall but I dont want the opponent to switch which is better to keep in. block is until cradily dies infestion does damage about 1/16 health over turns and lasts 4-5 turns. infestion does damage and with toxic and confusion along with giga drain is pretty great and 4-5 is the perfect amount.

Thanks! :D

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Infestation is the same thing as block only infestation does damage every turn for 4-5 turns

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Infestation for sure.
Infest+ Toxic is a really Crippling stall and it Gets Amnesia and Barrier as well as Recover Making it one of the Best Walls in the Game.

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252 def 252 hp 4spdef

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Let's take a look at Cradily's Special Attack...

Special Attack: 81

It has the same base stat as its Attack, and Infestation...?

Base Power: 20

It's not that much, but Block...?


Really? Trapping your opponents is one thing, but attacking matters too.

So Infestation or Block?

I would definitely go for Infestation, because not only does trap your opponent, the opponent also receives damage.


Who would expect Infestation on Cradily? Block can be expected (sort of).

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Block – traps opponent
Infestation – traps opponent
Infestation > Block

You're logic is amazing xD

Jk, I know why you said Infestation was better.
You do know that infestation is a trapping move right? It is block with damage
Yeah I know. The first gym in my Y showed me dat XD