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Ok I have a Zangoose with the ability Toxic Boost, holding a Toxic Orb, with the moves; Swords Dance, and Facade. I use the move Swords Dance 2 times, by then I've been poisoned by my Toxic orb. Then my Alakazam uses trick, giving it the Choice Band which boosts physical moves by 50%. Then I use Facade, which has stab. What is the final power of Facade?

That depends on your EVs -.-
Oh, ok. Sorry, I'm new. :P But honestly, use common sense. They're obviously in attack.

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Damage Formula
Zangoose max attack: 361
+ Toxic Boost: 541
+ Swords Dance (x2): 1623
+ Choice Band: 2434

1115 - 1312 damage

So I actually did all the math myself, then I remembered this: Pokemon damage calculator. So in the future, you can use this.

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Thanks for the answer, and the calculator! :D
That's some massive damage......