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As of the 3rd gen Pokemon (ruby, sapphire, emerald), you can't clone a Pokemon via dropping a Pokemon into an empty box and turning the console off during a save to another box.

My Question is
Could it be truly possible if one can clone two rare of legendary Pokemon if the sender of that Pokemon turns off the console after the trade?

In addition, would this action mess up the game/console(s) if one would do this?

note I have looked on http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cloning_glitches and need someone to back it up.


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Yes. It's possible.

Though the trader must have very precise timing for the glitch to work. By doing this, I have successfully cloned an Electivire. Note that the game automatically saves after the Pokemon is received, and to be successful, the sender must turn off while the trading animation is played.

Usually performing the glitch comes at no consequence, however turning the game off while it is saving is the only real threat to your game itself. Since the glitch runs in the game, the actual console cannot be harmed by it.

Also note that if the glitch is performed improperly, you may permanently lose the Pokemon traded. So, alike most other glitches, doing this is risking a lot.

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