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Thought I might help you out trachy:)

blaze kick(awesome move)

sky uppercut(annoying flying types using fly)

crunch(psychic types)

thunder punch or ice punch(for flying types)

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Bullet Punch/Quick Attack: Despite not having STAB with either option, priority is the most important thing in LC.

Crunch: Not just Psychic types but also Ghost types.

Cross Chop/Sky Uppercut: The age old question of power or accuracy.

Bulk Up: Increases attack to help make the priority moves more powerful, and defense to make it so that Riolu can actually survive an attack.

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What he said.
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Thunder Punch:For Flying.
Fire Punch:For Leaf.
Sky Uppercut:For power.
Endure:For surviving.

U don't need T-Punch or F-Punch cos there is no point. These types are no harm to Riolu!!
Ice Punch over fire punch and thunder punch and Put Crunch in there
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Actually a good doubles Pokemon.

Riolu @ Focus Sash

EVs: 4 HP/252 attack/252 speed.
Nature: Jolly.
Ability: Prankster.

Bullet Punch
Brick Break.