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My Keldeo is infected with Pokerus and has the item Power Lens. And I have been trying to ev train it's sp.att with litwick. After an hour it leveled up but nothing happen!! It's like I did nothing D: luckily I didn't save it cause I new this would happen :D and btw the Keldeo it the wifi gift one and it has not been touched


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If you are asking why his Special Attack did not go +30 when you leveled him up, that's because that is not how it works. You see the results of it all at level 100.

With a neutral nature

Ev-Trained Special Attack: 294

Ev-Trained Special Attack: 357

So while he levels up, you will see +1, +2, etc. Don't expect +100. You were most likely doing it right the first time.

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I wasnt expecting +100 I was expecting a pretty high number and btw this had worked before the first time with other pokemon so yeah....
The most i've seen at once is +5, and i've EV trained literally hundreds of Pokemon.
Haven't we all trained 100s of pokemon
No. Most hacked or battle online.
I guess so
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As of Gen V, stats are recalculated at the end of every battle. You'll no longer see any sort of big boost at level up because as soon as you gain enough EVs to get another point in a current stat, you get the point right then and there.