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My point is, Is there any Pokemon team which would most of the time easily get through the battle subway, an always winning team, a perfect team? ( a pseudo-perfect team?? A team to have guaranteed maximum wins???)

NOTE: By PERFECT I mean the best or the winning guaranter

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good question
How about using 3mixed sweepers?
can people PLEASE answer this more???? i need more options.
Yeah need more options!

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For the Battle Subway, there can't be a [Perfect Team] as you say.

The best ways to win in my experience are:

  • Hyper Offence
  • Stat Raising
  • Bulky Offence

As you can see, all of them include some kind of offence, so my point is, just go for any damn offence, EV train in Attack a lot, and teach your Pokemon hard hitting STAB's. If you do want to know though, I completed the Battle Subway with this team:

Trait: Levitate
enter image description here

  • Dark Pulse
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Flamethrower
  • Roost

Trait: Flame Body
enter image description here

  • Bug Buzz
  • Fiery Dance
  • Quiver Dance
  • Roost

Trait: Intimidate
enter image description here

  • Work Up
  • Return
  • Crunch
  • Iron Head

Yeah, so I got through the place pretty easily, as I almost OHKO'ed every Pokemon I faced. Have a go and teach your Pokemon good STAB's. Breed them too. There isn't a best team, but there is a best strategy, Hyper Offence.

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Lol. They're Baws right? [xD]
wait, the regular train, or the super train
he means both
no, the super train needs different type of team work...this works out fine for the regular battle subway though
I dont use setting up/stat boosting moves in subway
Wastes time
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Flare's right about big offence, so Mine is an offensive team as well. Train them all in speed and attack or special attack. I also am giving you some options for the last move. :

EV's: 252 att/ 252 speed / 4 hp
nature: +speed -sp att
ability: intimidate
wild charge
flare blitz
extreme speed
crunch/ close combat/ outrage (whichever you prefer, but I recommend close combat even though you'll have to breed to get it)

EV's: 252 speed/ 252 att/ 4 hp
nature: +speed -sp att
Ability: sand rush
rock slide
swords dance
brick break ( coverage)/ shadow claw( coverage)/ iron head( STAB)/ crush claw (good as a neutral attack and has 50% chance to lower defence)/ slash ( High critical hit ratio)/ sandstorm ( to raise your speed)

252 speed/ 252 sp att/ 4 sp def
nature: +speed -att.
ability: snow cloak
ice beam
shadow ball
work up/ wish
signal beam/ hyper voice

This team covers a lot of types and hits pretty hard

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I wanted to go with a completely different team than flare, but you can switch glaceon for hydreigon if you want to
EVs please?
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