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Im just asking for Multi and Super Multi,thank you. I usually use my Zangoose(F) Movepool-False Swipe,Close Combat,Detect,X-Scissor. i also use Emolga(M) Movepool-Double Team,Discharge,Acrobatics(120 power bc of no item),and Volt Switch. I always use Hilda as my partner. I didnt get to Super Multi Yet because i always only get a 20 win streak. If I should change some moves,please let me know.

165 power for acrobatics you mean.

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Sweeper & stallers are usually the best way to go for battle subway.

Better pokemon for your team could be-

Zangoose @ toxic orb
Nature- adamant (+attack -Sp attack)
EVs- 152 hp/252 attack/104 speed
Ability-toxic boost
- Arial ace- covers fighting types
- close combat- coverage
- x-scissor- coverage
- detect- good protection

Emogla @ flying gem
Nature- hasty(+speed - defence)
EVs- 152 attack/152 Sp attack/ 204 speed
Ability- static
- acrobatics- STAB+ power up from gem & when gem is used it gets boost from no item on same turn
- thunder/thunderbolt- STAB
- iron tail- ice coverage
- u-turn- quick switch outs

Other good pokemon-

[email protected] steel gem
Nature- adamant
EVs- 104 hp/252 attack/152 defence
Ability- clear body
- zen head but- stab & can make opponent flinch
- meteor mash- stab & can raise attack
- e- quake- typical physical tank/ sweeper move & has coverage for half of his weaknesses & more
- iron defence- for extra defence

[email protected] dragon gem
Nature- adamant
EVs- 104 hp/252 attack/152 speed
Ability- sand veil
- dragon claw/rush- stab & really good power
- e- quake- stab & good coverage
- fire fang- covers many types & main ice weakness
- swords dance- to power up fast/ sand storm- to have extra evasion using sand veil ability

Shuckle @ lum berry (best paired with garchomp)
Nature- impish
EVs- 4 hp/ 252 def/252 Sp def
Ability- sturdy
- Sandstorm- gets extra Sp defence
- Double team- use only in battle subway because it is usually banned
- Rest- for when he gets damaged & w/ lum berry, he can easily wake up presto
- Toxic- use at beginning the double team stall so your opponent intoxicates himself to death. If your opponent is poison, steel or has an ability that nulls toxic, switch to garchomp.

WARNING- this shuckle moveset is amazingly powerful, I have taken out teams in the battle subway with it. The Spiritomb moveset coming up is the same- easily destroys battle subway opponents

Super Spiritomb @ lum berry
Nature- impish
EVs- 4 hp/ 252 def/ 252 Sp def
Ability- pressure
- hypnosis- use at beginning of battle to use double team
- double team- to make Spiritomb intangible
- dream eater- use to heal & destroy fighting pokemon & to damage pokemon when phase double team is over
- dark pulse- use to attack dark types that aren't able to be hypnotized & coverage + it can make opponents flinch.

Spiritomb/ suckle will take some hard work to accomplish, but it will make you beat the battle subway bigtime.

Hope this helps:)

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Can I correct you? Toxic Boost is Zangoose's ability in the dream world,and i dont have wifi connection.

Nice for acrobatics,but I wont want U-turn. I would use Volt Switch,even against ground   types(xD).Thanks for the help! Il get iron tail to replace discharge.
Ok I'm sorry about the dw thing but immune will work well with trick if obtainable - trick toxic orb away... :P
Ilikebugs, what you posted wasn't an answer. I've converted it to a comment. In future please remember to use the comment link for replying to answers, thanks.
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well this is a complicated question. to be completely honest there is so much information I need to know. if you have attacking hilda go for support pokemon. if you have support hilda go for attackers.

i would replace your pokemon witht hese in case you really like yours at the moment.

Eelektross (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Spark
- Brick Break
- Crunch
- Coi

this is a staller set. only send out against a physcial pokemon unless you have to send it out.use coil until your pretty much at full health again with leftovers then tank your way to victory.

so send out golurk first!!!!!!!!!!l

Golurk @ Choice Band
Trait: Iron Fist
EVs: 252 HP / 180 Atk / 40 Def / 36 SDef
Hardy Nature
- Shadow Punch
- Hammer Arm
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide

choice band rules.

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