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I prefer it to intimidate but I don't no how to obtain one with the moxie ability.


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You can capture a Bagon with its Dream World Ability in Pinewheel Forests Hidden Grotto(the one outside the forest itself. You find it close to the Challenge Rock). You can then evolve it into Salamance. It is very uncommon though.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hidden_Grotto#Pinwheel_Forest

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Wow, I'm going to need a lot of luck. Just a quick question, if I do find a Bagon in said grotto, then can I sr to get a good nature or is it set on it? Thanks for answering btw.
Sadly, no. You cannot soft reset it once a Bagon have appeared. Your best chance would be to hope for a female Bagon and then breed it. Good luck!
or if you have ditto, then you can have a male
Nope, to pass on DW abilitys you cannot use the male. It have to be the female with another Pokemon from the rigth egg group. Ditto doesn't work.
Doing some calculations(that probably(and hopefully) are incorrect) there is about 1 in 900 000 that a female Bagon will apper every 256 step. Good luck!
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put a Pokemon to sleep with gamesync and hope to find a salamence

Where would I find a Salamence?
catch a bagon in the spooky manor then evolve it (dreamworld)
sorry rugged mountain
Yep, that's right. But you need 10000 points to be able to encounter it.
wow thats a lot