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My team desperately needs a fire type


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It'd depend on your tier.

Magmortar for RU, Arcanine for UU. If this is in game, Arcanine.

Also, Magmortar is usually used a special sweeper, but it has mediocre speed. Arcanine can be used either as a special or physical sweeper, has better speed and more rounded stats overall.

Arcanine also has more useful abilities: Flash Fire or Intimidate; Magmortar only has Flame Body.

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Well, this is a tough decision. Arcanine doesn't learn any moves after being evolved from Growlithe, so if this is in game, and you are looking for a certain move by level up before you evolve, you'll be stuck with a weak growlithe for awhile, whereas this isn't the case with Magmortar. I would preferably pick Arcanine over most fire Pokemon, but Magmortar (or even Magmar) would be a better in game pokémon. Magmar/Magmortar also have a faster growth rate, which would be another reason they make a better in game choice.