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I know they both have good movepools but which one has better stats

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What kind of battle? In-game, Battle Tree, or against other people?
Use the coin toss app of the poketch. That will help.
Magmortar is better because it has better special attack
There's really no way to know how good a Pokemon is "in general". For example, Snorlax is good in 3v3 singles but absolute trash in 6v6 singles, and the opposite is true for Tornadus. So 3v3 players would care much more about Snorlax, and 6v6 players would care much more about Tornadus.
I believe this question is probably too subjective to ask by itself. There are too many ways to cover in this question, it needs to be more specific... right?
The question got an update, so you can go by that I guess. Preferably specify a game mode though.
What kinds of stats are better still depends on what kind of battles you're using them for.

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It depends a lot. If ur team already has an Sp. Atker, like Alakazam, I recommend you to not add any of those two. But if ur team needs a fire / electric type, you can choose both or only one, it depends on its nature.

What's a good nature