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TheY both are the last stage of a Pokemon, and their pre-evolutions, Electabuzz and Magmar, evolve into these to by trading while holding the Electrizer and Magmarizer. So they seem alike, to me.

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What's the point of this question? You just said that they wers alike.
I've reworded the question so it's more answerable. It basically asks the same thing; the existing answer covers it just fine.
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Yes, basically. They're sort of like doubles, I guess you could say. They each evolve with items named specifically after them, and they're similar as well. Not exactly in design, but in other aspects. Their typing is different, however, but you've probably realized that even before you asked this question. But in general, they are very similar—I wouldn't call them the same because obviously even Pokémon of the same species aren't the same. Very similar, however, is a yes.

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To add weight to the "doubles" evidence, I recall a Magmar/Electabuzz distribution with their respective HA and the items required to evolve them into their final evos.