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Ok so when people say that there are only two fire type Pokemon in the regional dex of diamond and pearl, I think of infernape and rapidash as do most people because those are the two that Flint uses. Then I realized that Magmortar exists and was made in gen 4 so why do people say it's not part of the regional dex? Is it unavailable until after you beat the game? Because if it is I think Flint should still be able to use it nevertheless?

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Diamond and pearl are weird. If you look in the regional dex, its just not there. I dunno why they did this, but it just isn't. I believe some other gen 4 evos aren't there either.

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The RSE Pokedex includes Beldum, [email protected], Jirachi, and Deoxys, even though the first 2 are in "the after-game area", and the other 2 are event exclusive. The Sinnoh Pokedex is just weird.
No but ik you can get magby before the league because I have one and I just beat the league. I think you can't find the evolve items until the battle area
Magby isn't on the DP Pokedex either.
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at least its better than GO-
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