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Well, it's not really my Magmortar, it's my boyfriends. Now here's what's going on:

He showed me a shiny level 5 Magmortar, and I really want it, and he was gonna give it to me, so I went to give him my regular level 54 Magmortar in exchange for the shiny one, but for some reason the game won't let him trade it. Now I know you all are gonna call hack on it, but here's the thing: he got the Pokemon through Wonder Trade, so I have no idea why he can't link trade it to me. Now, not to seem mean, but he's too poor to buy a cheating device like Action Replay and has no idea how to hack a Pokemon NOR does he have access to a properly functioning laptop, so I don't know what's going on. I'm assuming that if it WERE hacked, that it wouldn't be able to be traded over WT. Can someone please help?

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Just to add to generekt's answer, you cannot get a lv 5 magmortar.

shiny level 5 Magmortar

  • You only get them from Magmar #holding# Magmarizer at lv 30 whilst trading in Gen 6. Also HM move tutored Pokemon cannot be traded unless done via in-game GTS or Wonder Trade.

So I mean to say this Pokemon from what we've read in the description above is hacked and seems because of, will not trade.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
if you want a shiny magmortar, I can help...... message me sometime...
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Most likely explanation is probably a hm and that it's in your party. If not then there is no explanation and it's most likely hacks. :(

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But if it were hacked, how would he have been able to get it via WT? :C
Hacks are unpredicatable