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Both are strong and have decent movepools but who is the better fire sweeper?

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Charizard the first fire type and one of the top three best starters. It has high speed and special attack and exceptible attack to make him an awesome sweeper. He also has a great move pool.

Magmorter has high S.defense and S.attack making a good tank. he also has a decent move pool. also he has a pretty good ability.


Charizard is cursed with a 4x weakness to stealth rock. Charizard has high special attack but his best moves are physical.

Magmoter when I said high S.def I meant in comparison to his other stats he has bad defense so flame body is hard to take effect especially with earthquake being immune to flame body.

So I would say Charizard is the best.

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Charizard. Don't you ever hink any different. Besides, Magmortar is fairly slow. It doesn't make a good sweeper.

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I think Charizard, as it has a powerful attack stat and as it it part flying type, whereas magmortar would get beaten up by a ground type, Charizard has good chance of being imune to some attacks, and could use flying type moves to pound the opponant, while Magmortar flails around trying to dodge with its low speed stat. And with a powerful attack stat, a fire type could clobber most pokemon, with only a few exeptions, like in Charizards case, electric, water and dragon types.

You forgotten charizards 4 times weakness to rock!
Charizard is pretty obvious just make sure they don't set up stealth rock
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  1. Being Dual type, it gets STAB on two types of moves: Fire and Flying.
  2. When mega evolved (Charizardite Y) it's ability (drought) results in an automatic sunny day that increases the power of it's STAB fire type moves by 50% and decreases the power of water type moves (moves that Charizard is weak to) by 50%.
  3. It can cover it's 4x weakness to rock with a powerful grass type move (Solar Beam) supported by it's high special attack stat - 109 [Charizard] or 159 [Mega-Charizard Y] - and takes effect in one turn in sunny weather (a condition caused by the ability of Mega-Charizard Y).
  4. It's high Special Attack stat can be increased by 50% in sunshine if it has it's hidden ability solar power which makes it's fire moves incredibly powerful: STAB, Special move, 50% increase in sunshine, another 50% increase because of solar power.
  5. Charizard can adapt to your team's needs by being a special tank [Mega-Charizard Y] or a physical tank [Mega-Charizard X] (physical moves are boosted in power because of the ability tough claws). This means that when Charizard is sent out, it is unpredictable to a certain extent; this can give you the edge in a battle.
  6. Charizard has a potential moveset comprising of a variety of powerful offensive moves: Fly, Strength, Heat Wave, Dragon Claw, Air Slash, Flare Blitz, Shadow Claw, Slash, Flamethrower, Inferno, Ancient Power, Crunch, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Focus Punch, Outrage, Blast Burn, Fire Pledge, Hyperbeam, Frustration, Solar Beam, Earthquake, Return, Dig, Brick Break, Fire Blast, Facade, Overheat, Steel Wing, Focus Blast, Giga Impact and Rock Slide.
  7. There are a lot of moves Charizard has that boost its stats for a potential sweep: Belly Drum, Dragon Dance, Hone Claws, Swords Dance and Power-Up Punch.
  8. Charizard's flying type nullifies the effects of ground type moves that would otherwise be super effective.
  9. Charizard can avoid spikes and a sticky web.


  1. 4x weak to stealth rocks.
  2. Doesn't have the best defensive stats - a fast sweeper could OHK Charizard especially with a rock move.
  3. Charizard's best moves are physical yet it's highest stat is it's Special Attacks stat.


  1. Being mono type, Magmortar is not 4x weak to any type.
  2. Magmortar has a really high Special Attack stat - 125.
  3. It has a vast moveset of powerful, special, offensive, moves: Clear Smog, Flame Burst, Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Belch, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Overheat and Focus Blast.
  4. It can burn people with it's ability (Flame Body) or the move Will-O-Wisp, poison with Toxic, Infatuate with Attract and confuse with Confuse Ray or Swagger or Dynamic Punch.
  5. Magmortar can cover all of it's weaknesses with Solar Beam - a powerful special move that is carried out in one turn in Sunny weather: Magmortar can learn Sunny Day.


  1. Magmortar is brittle - has a low defence, and a reasonable special defence. This, combined with it's mediocre speed, can prevent it from getting a sweep of more than one Pokemon... sometimes not even that.
  2. Magmortar is vunerable to toxic spikes and sticky web as well as spikes and stealth rocks which it is weak to.
  3. Magmortar is quite predictable.

If you want a special sweeper fire sweeper then these are two potential movesets:

Charizard [Mega-Charizard Y]:

Flamethrower - powerful STAB move made more power in sunlight.
Solar Beam - powerful move that covers weaknesses that takes one turn in sunlight.
Air Cutter - powerful STAB move with a high critical hit ratio.
Dragon Pulse - powerful move that provides type coverage.


Sunny Day/Confuse Ray - to make make Solar Beam only take one turn and increase the

                                                  power of STAB fire moves/give Magmortar the opportunity to
                                                  attack and potentially damage the target further. 

Flamethrower - powerful STAB move made more power in sunlight.
Solar Beam - powerful move that covers all weaknesses that takes one turn in sunlight.
Thunderbolt - powerful special move that provides type coverage and covers water weakness.