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Most people have receivers in their Baton Pass teams but i think it is dangerous because if the receiver is Blaziken and is against a Water type, it has to switch, making all the boosts accumulated dissapear.

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I don't exactly know what you mean, but how I interpret it, I guess you mean like they have a lot of luck, or somehow they hacked their team to do the perfect baton pass. Please specify how it is dangerous.
BP stats that are passed down can be easily hazed,roar,whirlwind and such. Pros-
ofcourse you can sweep but be careful for focus band users or with sturdy that can put status or ohko you since if you got inflicted by lets say toxic, they can easily switch in a tank to stall you to death

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Ok i will try and answer
Ok a receiver is good, great infact with correct boosts and coverage it can sweep entire teams, or stall entire teams.
By correct boosts i mean if its a sweeper try give it boosts in offence but also try give it good def boosts.
I try to stay away from shell smash in baton pass teams when building offence, yes it has great pros but its cons are that it has -1 def and spdef.
So if you do get the lazy option make sure you can justify the boosts in a way by passing def boosts as well.
A receiver is needed and mew can be helpfull at passing def boosts though you will need to predict for example if your using mew they may send out tyranitar to counter with crunch.
You can use this to your advantage by passing to your receiver, possible terrakion which will absorb the dark type attack as well as get an attack boost.

When passing to a receiver try keep away from scarfed, bands or specs as it could ruin your strat.
Instead pass to a pokemon with good coverage and offence a mixed or pysichal sweeper will be your best option as blissey and chansey will wall you if your special.
Try keeping away from pokemon with shallower movepools and dont pass to a pokemon in the situation you have used where they will kill you straight away.
Try two receivers (try a pokemon like snover for a laugh).

But not having a reciver leeds nowhere really, just very slow gameplay and if one passer dies you have to start the long journey again.

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And I thought I had a wall of text.
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Just like you said, the reciever might be weak to the opponet. Another thing is if the reciever is weak to Rocks,(Stealth Rocks,Spikes,Toxic Spikes,) their health will be lowered and they have less time in field to sweep. Most "good" baton passer, and what I mean are the most common, are low and defenses and could be killed in one hit, defeating the purpose of your reciver. You might want to have a pokemon to set up some rock because once you switch to your reciever, the opponet is going to switch to a stronger pokemon that can kill your reciever easily, like maybe a Snorlax, and since he has such a good movepool, he most likely us going to have a move super-effective to you.

Thats pretty much it, so try and use some of my advice so you can be better!
P.S. Sorry for wall of text.

Yeh rocks is a big factor i forgot to mention, a spinner or a taunter is a good option for the team as while you are boosting, they are setting up.