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If you have Wi-fi you can go to the gts deposite the

pokemon you want to evolve by tradeing and ask for

something impossible like empoleon lvl 1-9 then seek

pokemon and trade for anything then take out the

pokemon and it will evolve.

NOTE. for Pokemon that need a hold item you need to have them hold it.

This was speed freak's answer to this question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/10586/india-cannot-trade-electabuzz-rhydon-magmar-what-solution

I don't Understand your question
If I put scyther holding a metal coat and then take it out, will it evolve into scizor? I heard this worked in HG/ SS, but I don't know if it works in B2/ W2

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No this will not work. To evolve by trading you have to trade. Depositing and withdrawing is not trading so will not work. It was a mistake in Hg/SS but has been fixed now meaning you can try it but I won't work, I assure you.

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thanks, but by "fixed" do you mean it won't work in HG/ SS anyymore? Because I'm thinking about buying it and this would be a big help ingame.
By fixed I meant it it was fixed for Gen 5, meaning since then it won't happen in future games. It will probably still work for HG/SS