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The Pokemon Could Hold a Item


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Graveler → Golem
Kadabra → Alakazam
Machoke → Machamp
Seedra → Kingdra (holding Dragon Scale)
Clamperl→ Huntail (holding DeepSeaTooth)
Clamperl→ Gorebyss (holding DeepSeaScale)

that's all I remember :)

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Here's a good list. Note that this list isn't exclusive to Emerald, but through all versions.

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Can be evolved by trading in Generation III
Graveler: Rock smash in Victory Road.
Kadabra: Catch Abra in grass at Route 116, level it to 16 or higher, and evolve it.
Machoke: Catch Machop in the cave at Fiery Path, level it to 28 or higher, and evolve it.
Clamperl: Seaweed at Route 126.
Seadra: Catch Bagon in cave in the small B1F at Meteor Falls, trade it for Horsea at Pacifidlog Town, level it to 32 or higher, and evolve it.

Can only be evolved by trading in a later game
Feebas: Any rod in any of 6 daily-changing water tiles at Route 119.
Dusclops: Catch Duskull at Mt. Pyre, level it to 37 or higher, and evolve it.
Rhydon: Catch Rhyhorn in grass at Safari Zone area 3, level it to 42 or higher, and evolve it.


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