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My Archeops isn't really working out and it's ability (deafeatist) stinks.

What is the rest of your team?
Flygon, Exploud, Eelektross, Breloom, and Arcanine.

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It seems your team is really offensive and has no real "sponge". So for this reason I suggest Skarmory. It has access to entry hazards that will screw the opponent up on the switch in. With 3 layers of spikes up and Stealth Rocks up some opponents (very rare could be loosing up to 75% of their health when they switch in. Any non levitator will be taking at least 33%. Skarmory has nice typing and solid defense meaning nothing will take it down with ease especially with roost there. Though if layering hazards isn't for you it still has a nice offensive move pool with powerful stab Brave Bird, though a Spikes setter is much prefered for making it easy for the rest of your team.

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Skarmory, will probably work out better, It has Crazy Defenses, and It can be a excellent lead with traps, I've noticed traps aren't just good for Competitive battling, they saved my life in the elite for against Metagross, And archeops, although it has crazy attack, you can't use Head-Smash because of defeatist, and if you do survive a hit, Archeops is Very VERY frail, and it Will almost definitely be at less then half health, so go Skarmory with the moves of


  • Spikes(get this at level 28)
  • Stealth Rock(you can get this by breeding)Or Brave Bird which you also get by breeding!
  • Night Slash(You get this at level 50) Or If you want to Heal go Roost(You can get it by A move tutor
  • Steel Wing(You get this Level 34)