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Pokemon - Level

Emboar - 93
Bronzong - 61
Rotom - 61
Hydreigon - 67
Mienshao - 60
Mandibuzz - 59

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Give us the rest of your team.
Emboar 93 bronzong 61 rotom 61 hydregon 67 mienshao 60 mandibuzz 59 (ps im doing this for my brother)
For what role?
What form of rotom is it? (Normal, mow, wash, etc.)
palsma rotom
yeah I think palsma
palsma is the one who has those thndur bolts coming out right?
I think you mean Plasma. And it's actually called Rotom-Fan Forme.

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Rhyperior,because you don`t have any rock or ground types,and it would give you a wider variety.

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lukily he has a ryhorn
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i would choose electivire and breed it with a machamp so it can learn the egg move of cross chop (80 acc but good power with high critical hits) and the other 3 moves should be ice punch wild charge and earthquake

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uh he dosnt have an elkid I do
and where would you find a machamp?????
(sorry for late answer) i have elekid for trade with the adament nature and u can not find a machamp but u find fine a machop in white forest or the pokemon dream world and evolve it then trade it to evolve into a machamp if u would like to trade with me or battle i could give u my code thing