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Pokemon that can learn rapid spin, which can damage the ghost types


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The easiest option would probably be to use Kabutops Night Slash, Excadrills Shadow Claw or Sandslash, which can learn both. They may not get STAB, but they are all physical attackers and these moves aren't exactly common so you might just suprise some poor Gengar.
Here is a moveset for each:
Excadrill @ Leftover
Trait: Sand Rush
Evs: 252 Atk/252 Spe/ 4 HP
Adamant Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Shadow Claw
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge

Kabutops @ Focus Sash
Trait: Battle Armor
Evs: 252 Atk/252 Spe/ 4 HP
Jolly Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Night Slash
- Rock Polish
- Stone Edge

Sandslash @ Leftover
Trait: Sand Viel
Evs: 252 Atk/252 HP/ 4 Sdf
Adamant Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Shadow Claw/ Nigth Slash
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock

Just so you know, Sandslash and Kabutops is in RU whilst Excadrill is Uber. Hope it helped.

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Hitmontop, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. Tyrogue can learn Foresight, which will make Ghost types no longer immune to normal & fighting moves, allowing you to Rapid Spin. The three Hitmon Pokemon will learn Rapid Spin after evolving from Tyrogue at level 20.

Odour Sleuth will also have the same effect; the only Pokemon that can learn that and Rapid Spin is Phanpy/ Donphan.

Also lets you get rid of Sableye pretty quickly since fighting moves will be x2.

Technically, any Pokemon with the Scrappy ability and Rapid Spin will be able to use the move on Ghost types, but there isn't a Pokemon that has both of them.

There is no other way to make Ghost types damageable by normal/ fighting moves, unless the Ghost Pokemon is holding a Ring Target.

There is a way to deal with Gengar (which is a common sweeper + spin blocker), and that's Starmie, but this requires prediction. For the most part if you switch to Starmie your opponent will predict Rapid Spin, and switch to Gengar in order to sweep you with Shadow Ball. You have to be ready for that and use Psychic instead, which will clear Gengar and allow you to spin.

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But foresight is really a waste of turn. Sableye may scarftrick hitmons before they use foresight, locking them to keep use foresight, or use will-wisp to halve the atk. Normal ghosts will just get normal resistance so its useless. I'll upvote for now
There is no other way to hit a Ghost type Pokemon with normal/ fighting moves without Foresight, Odour Sleuth or the Scrappy ability, and since there's no Pokemon that has Scrappy and Rapid Spin, Foresight and Odour Sleuth are the only viable ways to hitting a Ghost Pokemon with Rapid Spin.

If you feel this is a waste of time, then you need to KO the Ghost type instead and then spin. Do that with a fast sweeper like Zoroark using Dark Pulse.
"KO the Ghost type instead and then spin."
I was meaning that but with just one pokemon