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Here is all NU Pokemon that can learn Rapid Spin with their Speed and Total Stat.

Delibird	75 Speed	330 Total
Spinda	    60 Speed	360 Total
Wartortle 	58 Speed	405 Total
Armaldo 	45 Speed	495 Total
Torkoal 	20 Speed	470 Total

Source: http://www.smogon.com/bw/moves/rapid_spin
Seeing how absolutely horrible Delibird is, here is a list of LC Pokémon that can be used:

Staryu     85 Speed   340 Total
Arnorith   75 Speed   355 Total
Tentacool  70 Speed   335 Total
Drilbur    68 Speed   328 Total
Baltoy     55 Speed   300 Total
Kabuto     55 Speed   355 Total
Squirtle   43 Speed   314 Total
Shellder   40 Speed   305 Total
Sandshrew  40 Speed   300 Total
Tyrogue    35 Speed   210 Total
Pineco     15 Speed   290 Total

Bare in mind no NFE Pokémon learns Rapid Spin. Wow, NU need more Spinners.

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Wow. Something Delibird can do better than another Pokemon. It must be Judgement day.
Theres also technically Smeargle, but who'd want to use it for that?
Smeargle is in RU anyway.
It is? Huh. I thought it was one of those ones which worked in NU and above. Learn something new every day, I guess.