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I know that a few pokemon have different level up moves between gen4 games (e.g. Luxray). But are there any that learn different TMs?

For example being compatible with a TM in HG/SS but not in D/P? I just mean in the same generation.


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I could only find one, haha.

Kricketune learns Taunt through levelup in Platinum, but not in Diamond and Pearl. This means that Kricketune could not learn Taunt through TM in D/P, but could in HG/SS/Pt.

EDIT: OOPS, how could I forget that Manectric learns the all-important TM35: Flamethrower, in Gen IV, but not Gen III?

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Nice Will. I had no idea about this.

Comment for your edit: He said same Gen remember.
Thanks that's great. I only needed one example. Now the new move bit I'm working on is a bit more complex...
On further inspection, this is not right! Although Kricketune learns Taunt through level up in Pt/HG/SS, it still CANNOT learn the TM at all. Weird, no?
On even further inspection... maybe Kricketune learns Taunt by TM in HG/SS? Can anyone verify? He definitely doesn't in Platinum.
Verified. In HG/SS, it does get Taunt as a TM.