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What are the first stage pokemon that can learn earthquake by tm?

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Like machop can learn earthquake by tm

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Ekans sandshrew diglett machop mankey geodude slowpoke onix cubone lickitung ryhorn pinsir tauros kangaskhan aerodactyl mew mewtwo wooper girafarig pineco dunsparce gligar snubbull shuckle heracross teddiursa swinub corsola phanpy stantler tyrogue miltank larvitar lugia ho-oh makuhita nosepass aron wailmer numel torkoal trapinch seviper lunatone solrock barboach baltoy tropius spheal relicanth regirock regice registeel latias latios kyogre groudon rayquaza cranidos shieldon bronzor gible munchlax riolu hippopotas croagunk mantyke dialga palkia heatran regigigas giratina arceus
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Pakey mewtwo is a Stage 1 not a basic!
Im pretty sure you are talking about the TCG or you got it wrong it was created by team rocket
I want to know what pokemon I could breed it on to this helped thank you