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For example, my Chandelure uses Telekinesis and my Porygon-Z uses Zap Cannon, will it always sure hit???

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Yes. When telekinesis is used all Pokemon can hit it.

Telekinesis raises a foe into the air and makes the target immune to
Ground-type moves, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Arena Trap for three
turns. In addition, all other moves, except one-hit knockout moves,
hit the target regardless of accuracy and evasion; however, it does
not allow moves to hit semi-invulnerable Pokémon. The effect of
Telekinesis is canceled when Gravity is used, the levitated Pokémon
uses Ingrain, or the levitated Pokémon obtains an Iron Ball;
Telekinesis cannot lift targets if Gravity is in effect, and will fail
if used on a target that is rooted or holding an Iron Ball.

This is what bulbapedia has to say about it :D

Hope I helped! PX ;}

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