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I've heard sucker punch fails against nature power, as well as other priorty moves and both stages of moves like fly. What other "attacking" moves (like metronome or sleep talk which don't technically straight up attack) does sucker punch fail against? Also, are there any other direct attacking moves that duck sucker punch due to loop holes? Barring moves like fly and quick attack, anyway?


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Sucker Punch does damage and is an increased priority move. If the target does not use an increased priority move during the round that it is used, Sucker Punch will go first regardless of the user's or target's Speed. If the target also uses an increased priority move during the same round that the user uses Sucker Punch, the attack order of the users will be determined normally.

Quoted from Bulbapedia, here

So basically priority moves will go before it.

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I know. I meant moves like metronome that don't diectly attack. Particulary sleep talk, as sucker punch is useless when rest is used. I keep kinda hoping they will make sucker punch work on sleeping or frozen pokemon next gen. *sigh* A man can dream.
Sucker punch won't hit a metronome attack because Metronome is a status move. And direct attacks so I don't think it would work on Sleep Talk or statused pokemon. Unless they were to awaken/thaw and use an attack. That's a nice dream btw, sadly...
Dude, you forgot Nature Power...
Well, that's what i needed to know. Thanks!
ExtremeSpeed ._.
And i mentioned nature power in the question. I know most of what sucker punch can do, just wondering if Gamefreak left any loopholes. And as i mentioned in the question (twice), and from MK's answer and link, i'm fairly clued in on how priorty works against sucker punch, SBR.
I'm glad it helped :)
Just as a note: If a Lucario uses Bullet Punch and a Zoroark uses Sucker Punch, Sucker Punch will fail if the Lucario is faster than Zoroark (because both moves have the same priority). Sucker Punch will work of the Zoroark is faster than the Lucario.