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I haven't been able to find one.
P.S. not the starter. I'm using the water starter

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Well, here are some options:

Growlite, Routes 36,37,49

Magmar, Burned Tower

Onix, Trade in Violet City, Cliff Cave, Union Cave

Wooper and Quagsire, to many to mention :p

Nidoran (male & female), Routes 35,36 (evolves into Nidoking/Nidoqueen)

Geodude, just about everywhere :p

Sandshrew, Union Cave

These are all Fire and Ground Pokemon available before the 7th Gym that are not starters. I will edit in the sources later.

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Fortunately I have finished this game so
i will be able to help :)Here it goes:

Steelix-cliff cave
Nidoking/queen-evolve nidoran from route 36
Quagsire-evolve from wooper from route 32
Rhydon-evolve from rhyhorn from safari zone
Tyranitar-evolve from larvitar from safari zone
Sandslash-evolve from sandshrew from safari zone

Arcanine-evolve growlithe from route 37
Magmar-burnt tower
Flareon-evolve eevee with fire stone
Entei-he is roaming in whole region

Thats pretty much it , Hope I helped :D

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