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I have looked on Bulbapedia and it leads me to EOD-exclusive results. WTF? Is it Darkness exclusive? If so, please list the version exclusives to me.


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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Explorers of Time/Darkness
Dark Crater (B6F)
Aegis Cave (B5F)
(with Mystery Part or Secret Slab in the bag) (Darkness)

Mewtwo is one of the exclusive version pokes.

Exclusive to EoT:
- Butterfree
- Celebi
- Pachirisu
- Riolu
- Lucario

Exclusive to EoD:
- Beedrill
- Mewtwo
- Burmy(Plant Cloak)
- Buneary
- Lopunny
- Rotom


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Oh, dammit.
Source is wrong about Lopunny- I have personally recruited one in EoT in Mystery Jungle.
First time I've seen Bulbapedia wrong xD