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I would go with Infernape most Infernapes goes with Choice band or Life orb but o would use Choice band. It is always good to have a priority move like mach punch Hope you like this one.

Infernape @Choice band

Trait: Iron fist

EVs 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Nature: Adamant + Atk - SAtk


  • Fire Punch
  • Close Combat
  • Mach Punch
  • Stone edge
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Infernape is awesomeness. MY personal fave. With Iron Fist powering up its Water Coverage (ahem Thunderpunch) and Fire Punch STAB and Iron Fist it's got a reason to be called Infernrape. A sash + Swords Dance is serious Trouble. True you can't switch, but you are fast and you have Iron Fist and +2 attack on all your moves. It's unlikely your opponent resists all your moves. Be cautious, this is my set ;D (The last one I use is Close Combat)


Emboar has a nice Scarf set, and he gets Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Head Smash, AND Reckless to top it off. Problem with Emboar is that he's missing the one thing Infernrape has- Base Speed. That's why he needs a Scarf, and that means no variety. However you could save him for a later time in most situations unlike Infernape. He has Pretty good HP. His Base Stats closely resemble Hariyama's- except the HP is a bit lower.

Important: Reckless Emboar is banned on Showdown, but not PO. We will just have to wait until it is released to unban.

They both have their awesome parts. But I find Infernape more fun to have. That's just my opinion; choose your Pokemon wisely. GL ATD! :D

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the stats are pretty close to each other. emboars hp is higher, but infernapes speed is higher. emboar is more like a tank, moves slow but can ussually take down an opponent. on the other side, infernape is faster and stats are more balanced. so: if you want a slow but powerful attacker, chooseemboar. but if you want a faster attacker, go for infernape

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