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Ok not the most descriptive title but I have no idea how to title this.... Ok to get to the question I'm EV training some Pokemon two happen to be a Braviary and a Dragonair. When I go to check what Bianca thought of them she said:

"Your Braviary... It has worked really hard, hasn't it? I think it worked hard particularly hard on its Attack and Speed!"

"Your Dragonair... It seems like it can work a little harder. But I think it worked hard on its Attack!"

Does this mean I have maxed out my Atk and Speed? Or does it mean I have to continue still?


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It means Braviary have 252 EVs in Attack and Speed and another 6 EVs somewhere else. Dragonair on the other hand only have 252 Attack EVs, the rest could be anything, it doesn't have full EVs though.

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