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I hear a lot about MissingNo. like:
MissingNo. is a fossilized ariodactyl,
MissingNo. is a giant cube of black and white,
MissingNo. is a Pokemon that was released in gen 5,
and so on. I want to know what it is in gen 1-5. I`m very confused on what it is, so can someone help me?


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Missingno means "Missing number," which in itself means "Cannot find
Pokemon identity." In pokémon Red and Blue, there were various ingame
places that would use up memory slots that other bits of info needed
to use. In other words, it's like putting a brick in a wall, and then
not having any space left to put more bricks in. The result was
"Missingno," effectively an error which meant the memory location
could not be read and was a placeholder. There were a very variations,
which you can find under the article linked to in the source.
Missingno could cause game crashes, since it's memory location would
cause issues. When captured, it would often turn into another pokémon
(I remember catching one and it turning into Kanghaskhan). Basically,
it wasn't a pokémon, but an error working under the laws of pokémon.
If you encounter one in your game, it's probably safest to turn off
and restore to an earlier save, as any interaction with it could cause
your entire game to crash and you lose all your data.


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Thanks Flare! Your answer helps me understand MissingNo. now.  :D
Welcome :]
if you want more information about MissingNo, see the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQeedFtYckw
this is very good info about the famous MissingNo. Enjoy xD
I wish I could watch it right now, but since my brother is here, he`ll tell me to turn off the sound.   d:  I`ll watch it when I`m given a chance. :D
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it is actually a baby kangashkan I think or something... because it evolved into kangashkan like Flare said. more on that here

Just to be clear, Pinterest is usually not reliable as a source of information.