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My Simipour's moves: Surf, Shadow Claw, Scald and Blizzard.

I need an Ice-Type for the seventh gym (in Pokemon black 2)

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Yes, Get a Lapras.
It has amazing HP and is an Ice Type which is what your looking for.
It also has the water type which covers Simipour so it isn't needed anymore.
I'll suggest a moveset.

Item: Leftovers
- Curse
- Avalanche
- Waterfall
- Surf (You'll need that if getting rid of Simipour)

Ok, well thats my opinion anyway. You may get some different answers but hope mine helps.

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great answer, I agree
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You don't really need an ice type for the Dragon Gym, you just need an ice move.

Lapras can be a bit annoying/ hard to get, since it only appears in rippling water under the village bridge. If you've already been training your Simipour, just stick with that. It has higher Sp. Atk and Speed than Lapars, and though it's lacking in defences, it'll get the job done quicker (providing you've levelled it up enough).

There's no move that Drayden can pull on Simipour that it's actually weak to, but Lapras is weak to Druddigon's Revenge and Flygon's Rock Slide. The only benefit Lapras has is that it learns Ice Beam by level up, while Simipour needs to be TMed it (and I don't think you get the TM until after Drayden).

If you have enough red shards, you can get Simipour MTed Ice Punch in Driftveil. Though at 75 base power, at least it's 100% accuracy, unlike Blizzard. Simipour's attack is also the same as its Sp. Atk, so no difference there.

Simipour @ Leftovers/ Ice Gem/ Nevermelt Ice
~ Surf
~ Blizzard/ Ice Punch
~ Waterfall
~ Acrobatics/ Shadow Claw

Acrobatics would provide some general coverage.

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nice moveset!
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lapras. it has an amazing amount of hp and has pretty good stats. unlike simipour, lapras gets STAB from both ice and water moves. so, go for lapras

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May I suggest you a moveset for each Pokemon??



  • Surf,
  • Ice Beam
  • Acrobatics
  • Brick Break

    Lapras ( My choice)


  • Surf

  • Ice beam
  • Thunderbolt
  • Ice shard

    Why Lapras?

Well, it isn't one of the top dual type Pokémon in the game, many players love to train Lapras because of its unbeatable HP and good stats. While Cloyster is a better choice if it's Water/Ice you're after, Lapras is definitely worth your efforts. The only drawback is Lapras's Speed. It's about as fast Goldeen ,emember - Lapras is a dual type, not a Water Pokemon. While its Water attacks can cause high damage, Ice types don't defend well against Fire. On the other hand, Lapras is very strong against Ground types

Hope I helped

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