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Nothing of haze that I've seen and experience justifies haze being an ice-type move
Unless there's another kind of haze I'm completely unaware of


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Haze is an Ice-type move because of the cold air that is needed to provide a "hazy" atmosphere.

Source : Ohio Weather

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Haze in real life doesn't require cold temperatures… Mist does. That's probably what you see in Ohio. Smog and haze really just require high humidity and particulate pollution.
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Haze is an Ice-type move because it is the counterpart to Mist, some proof from Bulbapedia:
>~Both are Ice-type
~Both avoid stat reduction
~Both can be learned simultanously by some Pokemon, for example Surskit at Lv 37
~Both have the same PP
~Haze & Mist are known in Japanese as Black Mist & White Mist respectively


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You pretty much just plagiarized a page on bulbipedia and didn't even put it as a source, at least put this in your answer-

Also you'd find yourself in a funny spot if someone was to ask you why Mist is an Ice type move now.
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