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I have a lapras with its first three moves being psychic, ice beam and body slam. Which move is better for it's last one? Surf or Perish Song? Please note, this is not a question on what is the best move in existence for lapras, or my particular one stat wise, just which one out of these two moves is the better one in general.


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I am actually going for something unusual!

I say Perish Song. Since Pokemon in game rarely ever switch, it is a great move alongside Body Slam. Just use Perish Song and then teach Lapras for Ice Beam. This allows you to stall out the opponent and gives you time to do the well needed Healing Up of other team members. It is what I used when I played HGSS and it worked great. I always had it as Ny lead. And use it against Lance and all. Their main threats will just go down really easily.

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aw man....I deleted perish song before I saw this good point...
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I would pick Surf; it's more useful in-game (lets you get around on water), Lapras gets STAB from Surf and it also gives some good coverage.

I do wonder why things are downvoted sometimes. :/
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Surf would be good because perish song is too easy to avoid. All you have to do is switch out a Pokemon. Plus surf would also help to get across on water.

that is one short anwser
lapras uses perish song. switches to dugtrio with arena trap. KO
Not unless Dugtrio gets KO'd first, which is the most likely case.
1st turn, dugtrio switches in, 2nd turn, he can use protect, 3rd turn, focus sash c:
Perish Song works really well in battle if you have soundproof. Since Lapras can't have soundproof you should get Surf with STAB.