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i heard about the tittle "Flawless Ditto"... does anybody knows what does that stands for?? or.. what qualities does this ditto has? (or.. what is it o.o)

so as of the context.. twas given as a "reward" on a no-official mini tournament; the name really picked my curiosity!

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Flawless Ditto
Flawless Ditto can pass down a maximum of 3 IVs, and a minimum of 1. If all IVs are 31 you're guaranteed to have at least one good stat.

People commonly look for foreign dittos too for the masuda method of getting shinies, just as an aside.

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You copied that directly from someone else's forum post:

Source it properly and quote it.
Awe... sorry
Thats kind of the point of the "Letmegooglethatforyou" link
That doesn't link you to the actual website where you got your information; it just links you to a google page with a bunch of results.
Because this Q didn't really need to be asked.
Google has the answers.
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That wasn't flaring off; if you copy something directly from another person, then quote it or source it correctly. If I didn't click the link and go through the various results to find the one forum post that was the same as this answer, I would not have known that this was directly copied from something else.
All of the top search results told you what a Flawless Ditto is. I don't see your problem...oh wait i do.
You took someone else's words and made them your own, with a vague credit, no quote, no indication that you weren't the one that wrote them. That's my problem.
Well i'll go apologise to them in person shall I?
marzipan it doesnt matter. You only really need to quote something if its difficult to find or has a detail that is not mentioned anywhere else. The link Sciz gave links me to a bunch of different sites where Id read the exact same thing he quoted. And if you raged at everyone who didnt directly quote their answers then youd be typing non-stop for the rest of your life.
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Flawless Ditto is one that has perfect IVs (i.e., 31 in each stat). It's the same as when someone talks about a flawless Pokemon, meaning it has perfect stats.

I know that many people attempt to breed/ obtain/ hack a flawless Ditto, so that it can be used for frequent breeding in order to pass down at least one perfect IV in one stat.

As for it being a prize from a non-official tournament... well, it's non-official, so there's no way of knowing if it really happened, or indeed if the Ditto is legit/ hacked.

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