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I've heard about egg moves, but I'm fairly new to Pokemon, so could someone tell me what an egg move is?

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You know, just go to the breeding page on this site and read up.
Yeah, this site has complete info about breeding! Love this site very much...

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Egg moves is a move that could be learned by breeding. breeding itself is put 2 pokemon with the same egg group in Day-Care... you can see the egg group in this site! for example... Jumpluff can learn Confusion by breeding, and Exegutor can learn Confusion by leveling up. if your Exegutor have learned Confusion, just put Female Jumpluff and Male Exegutor in Day care! Wait a few days, it will have an egg contain Hoppip that knows Confusion...

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How do I know which pokemon will result from breeding?
is it possible to get a prinplup through breeding?
Can I breed legendary pokemon?
can mesprit get the move dark pulse as an egg move?
No, legendary can't breed, except Manaphy! See my question for some info
Lokman, have a read through our breeding guide here:

You can get a Prinplup through breeding, but only if you already have a Piplup, Prinplup or Empoleon. Breeding doesn't magically give you Pokemon you don't have.
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In other words you need to put the felmale and the male, and the male moves will be learned by the pokemon that exit from the egg

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An egg move is a move learned by breeding

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