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If you're in a confined space in Ultra Sun/Moon or Sun/Moon, and get on Tauros, you'll move sometimes. If you have an egg in the party, and it needs one more step to hatch, will it hatch?

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What kind of confined space?

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No. Tauros micro-adjusting on the spot won't work. However, the small square south of the day care will work if you hold B and move your circle pad in a circle (thanks to The Poipole for this).

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Tyvm. Just something I thought of.
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Major edit: I just hatched a Jangmo-o egg that was in my party by pushing against a wall while riding on Tauros! What you are asking is true.

Source: Experience.

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He means if you're too close to a wall sometimes the player automatically gets pushed away from the wall. So Deppt is wondering if that counts as a step.