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So I can migrate good iv honedge [if its in the pokedex] and just win world tours. Also will it be shiny with masuda method?

So you want to lay the egg in Generation 6 and hatch it in Generation 7?
No the tag says sun moon ultra sun moon sword and shield so migrate to gen8 [if possible] win ranked battles enter world tour and become super awsome. Also why honedge cause aegislash is a living sword and shield. I hope its in the pokedex.
Also did you check chat?

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You don't have to worry about it being an "outsider" or not because you can't transfer eggs into Pokémon Bank. To answer your second question, it wouldn't be shiny in sword and shield even if you could transfer it.

Honedge has not yet been confirmed to be in Sword and Shield.

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honedge is confirmed in SwSh.