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As stated on Bulbapedia about the Move Reminder:

From Generation VI onward, any Pokémon hatched in Generation VI onward may also be taught any move it knew when it hatched; this includes Egg Moves, level-up moves bred onto a Pokémon, and Volt Tackle bred onto Pichu. Also in these games, Pokémon obtained via Mystery Gift can learn any specifically flagged move it knew when it was obtained...

I have several competitively-bred Pokemon in my copy of Sun, and I like the insurance of being able to re-teach their Egg moves should I accidentally delete them, or want to swap them around. However, I want to transfer the Pokemon over to Ultra Moon to teach them tutor moves.

I'm unsure if transferring the Pokemon to a different save file would cause the game to 'forget' about the moves the Pokemon got from breeding (thus not offer them to be re-taught if I deleted them accidentally). So in other words, does the game retain knowledge of the Egg moves the Pokemon had when it hatched if it is no longer in its original save file?

Why don't you test it yourself on a Pokemon that you didn't breed competitively?
he probably doesn't want to, i assume that's why this question exists in the first place
The whole point of this platform is defeated if we just found everything out for ourselves.
I can’t be stuffed, if you want the real answer.
ill try this later on sun and ultra sun copy :D
I bet if i fed you enough sandwiches you'd be stuffed
I thought the point of this platform is to answer stuff that we can't test by ourselves.
The vast majority of questions or answers could potentially be answered by the people who asked them, its more about the convenience of asking someone else instead.
Besides, if you test it and figure it out yourself it takes away the answer from anybody else who may have the same question too. Ask it, and even if you figure it out for yourself other people can benefit from seeing the post.  It helps to make this a website people can rely on if the have a question. This is a really good question too, so I can definitely imagine others wondering the same thing in the future.

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Yes, the egg moves should be able to be remembered after the transfer.

But there is a way around this altogether. Reteach them the egg moves now, then transfer them. Now teach them the tutor moves. Therefore you won't need to worry about them being lost forever because they never left the Pokemon they needed to be on.

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Did you test this yourself? I am curious how you found out.
BTW I know I can re-teach moves in Sun; the concern is if I deleted them after transferring them. If initially transferring them to UM caused the game to ‘forget’ the Egg moves, I guess transferring back to Sun afterward probably wouldn’t help either.
You basically answerd this yourself, it says "Move Reminder can also teach Egg Moves and special moves it had previously forgotten." Quote, any move it has previously forgotten. So you will be able to remember them even if they are deleted.
And no, I have not tested this myself because I don't have bank, but, my friend who has used it confirmed for me that you won't lose them. (:

I know. I’m concerned with whether the game actually retains that data on what moves were ‘previously forgotten’ when you trade or transfer Pokémon. I read the article and decided it wasn’t particular enough to this issue for me to be sure. It’s why I asked to begin with.
But with that confirmation I guess I have my answer now — thanks for bearing with me.