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I know the majority of Pokemon can be obtained through the gen 4 and 5 game, but are there a few Pokemon that can be only obtained via gen 3 games?

I'm guessing that Rayquaza and the Hoenn starters are the only ones that need a migration, if they aren't accessible in the gen 4&5 games.


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There are no Pokemon from a Gen III game that are unobtainable in Gen IV and V games; even event Pokemon like Celebi, Mew and Jirachi have been available in Gen IV.

With the remakes HG & SS, Gen II and Gen III Pokemon have become available. Even the Kanto and Hoenn starters are available in HGSS (Oak gives the Kanto one after 16 badges and defeating Red, Steven after the same requirements and after you've met him when retrieving Copycat's doll).

Rayquaza is obtainable in HGSS as well, but you need to have both Kyogre and Groudon, meaning you need to have both HG and SS games.

Alright,  thank you and to Jofly for tolerating this question.
It's a legit question; it's so hard to transfer Pokemon from Gen III that anything unobtainable outside of Gen IV & V would be tedious to get.
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You can get Hoenn starters in HG/SS and Rayquaza too.

But I dont realy know what you mean

This Pokemon can only be obtainable in one game and events


I think that this is not all if I find more which I will do if there are more I just edit


Don't worry Jofly, I'll explain a little further. I'm wondering if there are pokemon that got left out of the gen 4&5 games that you can only can get from a migration via gen 3. Other than that you've answered my question.