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Hi, I want Magmortar soooo baad!! And know I read that y only can get it if I trade it with some item.. And I play with an emu so I wanted to know if someone coul help me.. T_T
I use WinDS Pro.. Thnx

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It actually says on the rules that these questions arnt allowed.
You playing with an Emu!?!?!?
TianWama, Pokémaster said don't ask stuff about roms/emulators. You should hide this question.
Dont dwonvote he is a new user do be rude Electivirefan
Okay fine.
but this should be flagged.
I don't see why this is flagged. The only reason the Emulator/ROM rule is there in the first place is to prevent questions about why their Pokemon glitched up on a Emulator/ROM, for example. This does not refer to that at all, and really just asks how to get a Magmortar in B2 without trading.

As long as a question is approprate & answerable, it is fine in my eyes.

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You can get a Magby at the Virbank Complex. Once you evolve it into a Magmar and got the item, Magmarizer, you can trade it with a friend with a fifth gen game to get a Magmortar. You should get a Magmarizer about mid-way through the game.

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