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Doesn't look fast to me....

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Jynx has 95 base Speed. Pidgeot has 91 base Speed. Of course, IV's and EV's have something to do with it, but Jynx is faster than Pidgeot if they both had similiar IV's and EV's.

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I don't get it....
What don't you get?
i cant understand how IVs and EVs work.Really
Well heres a quick version: You can get up to 31 IVs in each stat thingy (Speed, Attack, HP, etc) The more the better (duh). IVs are completely random, but on battle simulators in PO or Showdown you can make your Pokemon have perfect IVs. (31 each). EVs are different. You can give your Pokemon 510 EVs in all. But only 255 max for a stat thingy (Speed, HP, Attack, etc) 4 EVs equal 1 Stat boost, so for example: If your Pokemon had 244 HP. You train it to give it 4 EVs in HP. Now it has 245 stats in HP. Get it? Read this for more info on EVs:
ok thanks Doctor :D
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Some things just don't make logical sense with Pokemon, like how is Mr. Mime not a male only species? Same with Jynx's base speed being higher than Pidgeot's.

>At maximum velocity it can reach speeds of Mach 2 if it accelerates for long enough, which is incredibly rare.

That's a description of Pidgeot on Bulbepedia. link

Never apply logic to Pokemon.

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Yeah, Alder can jump of a cliff and land on both legs without killing himself...
Or how Hugh/ Benga's hair works. I just spent the entire game thinking "the amount of gel..."
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