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like for Reshiram and Zekrom

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The point is basically to say, "Hey, look at me! I'm cheating so you know you can't beat me!"

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This made made day :D
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All Pokemon can be Shiny.There are just some shiny ones that cannot be obtained legally.
In most generations there are a few Pokémon that cannot be obtained Shiny without cheating or glitches, due to either being distribution-exclusive without an in-game location or, in Generation V, being programmed so that they cannot be Shiny in the wild.

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To add to you guy's answers, it's also to make people stop wasting their time SR'ing* for a shiny legendary.

Also, Victini is distribution-exclusive, so they just wanted to make sure everybody got one and nobody was dumb enough to keep SR'ing until the event was over, not getting a shiny, therefore not getting one at all.

^ They should do that to every event Pokemon that has a case similar to Victini.

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