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Well, I mean that in the game you're playing, Heatran is a Legendary, thus meaning that there's 1 in existence. I know that you can catch it in all of Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black 2, and White 2, but the storyline suggests that there is 1 in existence. So, why can Heatran have a 50/50 gender probability between Male/Female if there's just one?


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Well, maybe they want to make Heatran be able to use Attract.

Heatran is one of the few Legendary Pokemon with a gender and many people have wished to teach their Legendary Pokemon Attract, and they have realized it can't be done. Try putting Attract on Arceus, for example. Make it unstoppable. But you can't because it's.......drum roll.......Genderless!

But now we have Heatran who can have a male/female gender, giving you the option of totally PWNING Pokemon...who love you.

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Well, probably one part of the reason would be for abilities such as Rivalry and moves which have their power determined by a gender.
Initially though, the main thing is Game freak wanted it like that, and thats what they did.

But, in literal terms (That's kinda what I'm talking about), there's only one Heatran, but it has 2 gender possibilities.
You shouldn't comment things like that here. There are kids here.
Heatran can't even gain the ability Rivalry. Fail, dude, fail.
Heatran can't, but other polemon can. I also might add that this this entire question is irrelevant because Heatran is in the undiscovered egg group and can't even breed.
If it could, that would be epic.