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Okay, so I've been breeding dratini/dragonair in Pokemon heartgold, then I traded them to platnium and i'm breeding them there. So, the thing is, I keep getting GIRL DRATINI! Even though it says there's a 50/50 chance! This is a problem, and I have been wondering this for a long time. Please answer!!!

I would answer as well, but "one does not simply" compete with Pokemaster.
who is Pokemaster? I've never heard of them.
He is the site's creator, and the guy who answered your question.
By the way, 50/50 is not guaranteed- it is an average. There will be some exceptions.
nothing's wrong with a girl one, technically girls are more vauluable anyway (i know i have spelled things wrong :P), but when there's a huge imbalance and you have say, 23 girls and 7 boys (i'm pretty sure i don't have 30 of them yet) it's really hard to breed unrelated pokemon which i like doing...
Woah, pokemaster is the creator?! and maybe this is an exception...
This is probs bad luck.

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How many eggs have you hatched? You could easily get many females in a row, as it's random. Just keep going and you'll get some males.

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Well, I have had 6 (i think) groups of dratini hatched.
First group:
1 boy, 2 girls
second group:
1 boy, 3 girls
third group:
1 boy, 2 girls
fourth group:
3 (i think) girls, 2 boys
fifth group:
this one i'm not sure about.
sixth group:
3 girls?
that's it. as you can see, it's weird.