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I've finnished the main dialoge.
I've visited the Shamin Village
Been to the Frozen Land
Been through all of Aegis Cave
And at the moment i'm going through the Concealed Chamber
What now...?

Can you please list the other features in the game after the Concealed Chambers?

Thanks xD

i can't remember if its the Concealed Chambers of not. So correct me if i'm wrong. xp

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Well, not to put any spoilers in:

  • You learn the reason for not being able to evolve
  • You can recruit the legendaries
  • You can conquer Zero Island and Destiny Tower
  • Visit the Surround Sea and the Marine Resort
  • Upgrade your Teams Rank to Guildmaster
  • Complete the Special Missions

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Mystery_Dungeon:_Explorers_of_Sky

thanks FS xD
No prob, it is a great game!