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just wondering I think they can't

As far as I know, Held Items are sometimes involved in the anime plot, such as when Ash used a Razor Fang to evolve Gliscor, but I have never seen them being used in battle.

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Yes they can; case in point, Dawn's Piplup.

Nurse Joy then tells Dawn she has something for her, and Chansey presents Dawn with an Everstone, which has the power to prevent a Pokémon from evolving for as long as it wants.

Piplup obviously has to hold the stone; it can't "use" it up, like an evolutionary stone. Hold items just don't get much coverage in the anime, probably because the anime stresses more about a Pokemon's own power, rather than having their abilities boosted by items.

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Well there we go. We all have one item used, or not used in my case, in the anime :D we three are epic.
where does it keep it?
That's the exact same logical discrepancy as a Pokemon holding an item in the games. Most Pokemon don't have a pouch or anything to keep the item in, soo I would assume that we're just meant to accept the fact that they can hold an item and battle at the same time.

I mean, where does a Mienshao keep a Life Orb? In its sleeves?
Lol marzipan. good point.
Doesn't brock's happiny hold an oval stone?
She has a little pouch to keep it in though.
Oh yeah
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Well I cannot find anything that says that a Pokemon has held an item that was used in a battle, so,
NO the Pokemon in the anime do not hold items that are used in battle.

I mean when you think about yes they can hold items. They have hands and all. But there isn't a show where a Pokemon was seen using an item.

So to break it down a bit,

They can hold items
Items are not used in battles
There are items featured in the anime, such as the Razor Fang

But in the end items are not a large part of the anime

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Yeah so essentially if they are used it's not in battle or to heal a pokemon. Just to evolve them as said in Electivires answer.

I also want to say that there was a thunderstone seen when Ash asked Pikachu if he would like to evolve into a Raichu. So the items are there, they just aren't really used much.
Thunderstone isn't technically a held item; it's "given" to Pikachu, or Pikachu is "exposed" to it in order to evolve into Raichu.
That's true, but it is an item. Just not a held item as you've said.
It's not much other than what we three have said here but I found this link: