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Hello. Since you guys know a lot about Pokemon, I was just wondering how much is my pikachu gameboy color worth? I need some good money right now.. Like.. A lot.. It's the blue and yellow version. The one with jigglypuff, pikachu, and some other Pokemon on the gameboy color. Is it worth a lot of money?

Thanks for answering my question.

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I depends very much.
Since you already used it it cant be mint condition I think that it is for used condition.
It is not worth very much but if I were you I But if I were you, I would save both of them and keep them in great condidtion, However Here is what I think they are worth.

Did you have the Yellow pikachu Game boy color?

Limited edition Pikachu Gameboy color 70-90 $

Blue Version 10-30 $

Yellow version 10-30 $

Both of this games in mint condition would be worth 100-200 $ so if you had bought 2 more Pokemon Yellow/Blue when you bought them many years ago. You could sell them now and earn much more money than what you bought them for just to know :D.

Hope this helps

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It really depends on who you sell it too. As an outdated gaming system that will reduce the price you can sell it for. If you sell it to a kid who hasn't played any games before you probably won't get a high price there because, well, it's a kid. so it really depends.

And by the way we generally only answer questions about in-game or competitive Pokemon.

I assumed you were talking about selling it by the way.

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You can also sell it to a collector. That would be the best way to get money.
Oh, sorry. I didn't know I can't ask a question like that. I read the rules and it seemed like to me this question would be fine. Thanks for the advice and answer.
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Jofly is right that you need mint condition for it to be worth very much, but when it comes to collector's items and antiques, if it is older, in better condition, has a large market, and is hard to find, then it is worth more. I have Pokemon yellow. It isn't very old ( by collector's standards ) and it isn't that rare. It isn't mint. In short, it isn't worth that much. I just wanted to add some information to the other answers. Hope this helps.

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It really depends. An old GB game collector could give you up to $200, but selling it to your friend who has a GB will say that $50 and no more. But still, you can keep it yourself or sell it on an internet page. Hope I helped!

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Yellow Pikachu
enter image description here

Blue Jigglypuff

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