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I have a togepi in crystal and I'm wondering, Is togepi worth raising its happiness and evolving into togetic?

I really want a togetic but I want a good team.


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It would be extremely helpful to those that answer the question to include the Nature and IV's (If Possible) for future questions. It is no problem, though.

Togekiss is a great Normal/Flying type to add to a team because of its great bulk and offensive capabilities, but sadly is not in generation two, but even Togetic is decent stat wise in terms of bulk and offense. It has access to great movesets, but this is what I would give it.

Togetic Item: (Unimportant)

Nature: Natures relating to Bold and Calm would be beneficial.

Recommended Moveset

Psychic - High Damage move with the capability of lowering special defense.

Fly - Necessary HM, and good attack move. If this is unavailable of if you are looking for a Special Attacker Togetic, there are sadly no other Special Flying type moves it can learn.

Flamethrower - High Damage move that can counter Steel types, as well as Grass.

Metronome - Togetic has a limited in-game movepool, so Metronome is a nice move to have fun with in this case.

Togetic is indeed worth raising, but there are some pretty good alternatives. I would recommend Crobat, since it has more potential stat-wise, and is capable of inflicting more damage. Good luck!

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