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Explain more?
Yea the question isn't giving too much information; but from what I can gather, is it using a move like Volt Switch, which forces your Pokemon to switch out while dealing damage? Or if you opponent uses a move like Roar, Whirlwind, Dragon Tail or Circle Throw, which will force Galvantula out of the field and drag another Pokemon out.

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The only possible reasons for why your Galvantular keeps switch out is:

  • U-Turn (Move, makes Pokemon return to their trainer after damaging the foe)
  • Baton Pass (Move, makes the Pokemon Carry all the stat changes whilst switching out)
  • Volt Switch (Move makes the Pokemon attack the opponent then your Pokemon switches out)
  • Eject Button (Item, when you Pokemon gets hit it switches out)
  • Red Card (The foe holds this item. When you attack them your are sent off the battle field)

If its none of those factors then its a glitch.

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Galvantula can't learn U-Turn or Baton Pass.
I know but it may be hacked. You can find hacked Pokemon on GTS easily.