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There is a way for you to trade between Gameboy Colour and Advanced, but it requires a special cable.

Link Cable

Those cables won't be sold in any large shops, so you will need to get one second hand. It's more trouble than it's worth, really.

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No , it is impossible. GameFreak made it so you cannot trade between Gen 1-2 (Gameboy Color) and the later games. Furthermore, you cannot trade at all between those consoles since there isn't a cable for it.
EDIT: As marzipan pointed out, there seems to be a cable to trade with.... But despite this, you cannot trade between Gen 1/2 and Gen 3/4/5.

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So, there is no way to get them from the Gameboy Color to the Advance SP?
No, sadly, no way at all.
The reason for this is that they remade the system of how stats were calculated in Gen 3, with EVs, IVs and all that.
Or gen I glitches like lv 101 pokemon and that kinda stuff
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